Cattery Neva Masquerade & Siberians cats "Nevsky Style"
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Berendey Siberian Empire 2011

Mirabella Lvinoe Serdtse 2007

Klotilda Lion's Heart 2013

Sibirskaya Znat' Frosen'ka 2013

Siber-Favorite Lika 2013

Our cats eat ROYAL CANIN

Welcome to the cattery "Nevsky Style"! We live in Siberian city Omsk, Russia. We love cats and breed Neva Masquerade & Siberians cats since 2002 year.

Our cats:
E.CH.BBR2005/2006 Rais (our first male, now on the deserved УpensionФ)
IW08, GCh.ICU, Ch.IFA Berendey Siberian Empire
Ch. (ICU, IFA) Mirabella Lvinoe Serdtse
Ch.ICU Nevsky Style's Barbie
Ch. ICU Nevsky Style's Vasilina
Ch.ICU Klotilda Lion's Heart
Int.Ch.ICU Nevsky Style's Julen'ka
Ch.ICU Sibirskaya Znat' Frosen'ka
Ch.ICU Siber-Favorite Lika

We work with lines of world-famous catteries "Lion's Heart" and "Siberian Empire". We are very grateful to owners of these catteries for nice cats who became the basis of our cattery.

Cats of our breeding have nominates of Best in Show and became Winners of International Cat Shows.
Our kittens live in other countries: in Germany, in Holland, in Canada, USA and in Italy.
Our cattery is the member of the ICU (International Cat Union), "Funny Cat Club", Omsk. We work on TICA standart.

All our females and males which we breed with are tested for HCM&PKD, FIV&FeLV.
On our page you can see our cats, teenagers, kittens and read about our breeding and future plans.
We have many good friends-breeders all over the world and glad to communicate with new friends.
Please, contact with us if you have some questions about our cats, kittens and etc..

phone number:+7-913-630-38-83
(I speak English and German)

We wish you a pleasant stay on our homepage and hope to see you soon again!


In mid-October, we will wait the kittens from the pair Nevsky Style’s Alexandra and Berendey Siberian Empire.

In late September, we will wait the kittens from the pair Nevsky Style’s Businka and Berendey Siberian Empire.

We have the kittens born 1 of May from the pair Sibir-Favorite Lika&Nevsky Style’s Kapiton, all kittens have white paws(1 boy of color red-lynx-point and 2 nice girls of color seal-lynx-point and bluel-torbie-point), see the pictures of litter F2.

We have the kittens born 14 of March from the pair Frosen’ka Sibirskaya Znat’ &Berendey Siberian Empire one boy and one girl, all are of color brown-spotted tabby, see soon the pictures of litter E2, see last litter M from this pair.

We have the kittens born 4 of February from the pair Barbie Nevsky Style&Berendey Siberian Empire(3 boys seal-lynx-point, blue-point and blue-lynx-point, see soon litter D, see last litter O,L from this pair.

We have the kittens born 31 of January from the pair Klotilda Lion's Heart&Berendey Siberian Empire, all kittens have white paws(2 boys of color seal-lynx-point with white and 1 boy seal-point with white, 2 nice girls of color seal-lynx-point with white), see soon litter C, see last litter S from this pair.

We have the kittens born 21/05/2013 from the pair Mirabella Lvinoe Serdtse and Ozzi Lion's Heart: two boys of color seal-point with white paws and of color blue-point and one nice girl of color blue-lynx-point. See litter B2.

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